What is Textile Fibre?

Textile Fibre: The fibres is a small thread like structure, which is used for spinning yarn. The fibres are Natural or Mam-Made, that can be spun into yarn. Fibres are usually twisted together to form yarn and the yarn are Woven or Knitted to form fabric. 

Types of Fibres: 
 1) Natural Fibres: 
The fibres which are obtained from nature is known as “Natural Fibres”. The most common Natural Fibres are Cotton, Linen, Wool and Silk, the fibres must be cleaned before they can made into yarn.
Eg.- Cotton, Wool, Silk, Coir, Flax etc.
    i) Cellulosic Fibre: The Cellulosic fibres comes from plant sources. Eg.- Cotton. Flax etc.
    ii) Protein Fibre: The protein fibres comes from animal sources. Eg.- Silk, wool.
 2) Man-Made Fibres: The fibres which are produced by chemical treatment is known as “Man-   Made Fibres”.
Eg.- Polyester, Polyamide and Nylon yarns are made from Petroleum Products.
Viscose Rayon Is made from Wood-Pulp.

  Classification of Fibres:

classification of fibres

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